During the 2016 World Hip Hop Dance Championship semifinal round, a serious and very unfortunate circumstance was uncovered that resulted in the disqualification of a crew ranking in first place of their division at the time. It came to HHI’s

attention that a change was made by the crew coach who replaced one or more crewmembers between the preliminary and semifinal rounds. This change was never brought to the attention of the HHI organizers or technical director nor was it authorized or approved. It was therefore declared an unauthorized replacement of a crewmember during a competition and the crew was disqualified.

HHI wants to make it clear to all dancers, dance crews, et. al. and for all to understand and acknowledge that it is not permitted to make dancer substitutions or changes to the crewmembers once a competition has begun. If a request is made to the HHI organizer or head judge (technical director) in writing before the start of the round and there is just and reasonable cause for a substitution or deletion, of a crewmember or members then the request may (or may not) be granted. Examples of just and reasonable causes include physical injury to the member(s) being replaced and/or health matters preventing participation, death in the family or other causes of similar magnitude (beyond the control of the participant). Failure to follow this policy will result in disqualification of the crew whether the cause is determined intentional or not.

Please be aware that this rule is valid for all official HHI competitions anywhere in the world and must be strictly enforced.

HHI appreciates for your observance, consideration and adherence to this ruling.